Thank You Thursday, April 19 2016

We’re starting a new feature here at Wildwoods and that is Thank You Thursday. We want to thank all of our supporters so each week on Thursday if you’ve donated, become a member or brought us a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal in the last week, you’ll see your name on our website and Facebook page with a huge THANK YOU! This week:

For donating to Wildwoods:

Linda Booker, Jennifer Maki, Karmen Rushton, Lisa Taft, and so many others over the years, THANK YOU!

For donating specifically to our Support Our Growth Fund:

THANK YOU to Heather Norgren, Donna Beaupre, Ellen Rowell, Grace Glick, Susannah Freed (In Memory of Maye Ruth Robinson), Catheryn King, Jennifer Hansen (In Memory of Mom), Sarah Evans (In memory of David B. Conard, Jr. from his cousins Grace, Frank), and Jason Traver and one Anonymous donor, who donated this week and have all had their donations MATCHED!

And we would be remiss not to thank those who have donated to this fund before the matching event began. Thank you to:

Jessica Haugen, Colleen Javorina, Bruce Ojard, Carol C Oleson, Bill Huseth, Regina Sacchetti, Martha Bjornson, Marlene Anderson, Libby Linnum, Laurie LaGualia, Laura Weir, Joan Sandidge, Jane Howard, J. Kent & Jody Richards, Barbara Possin, Shelley Youso, Peggy Sue, Chris Machmer, patrice Bradley, Kristen Gregerson, Sue Boen, Rose Marie Novotny, Ronald Caple, John & Pat Thomas, Janice Burns, Diane & Craig Markell, Patrick Fogle, Hebe & Jim Shipp, Carole Bakke, Patricia Middleton, Molly Martin, Deborah Bum, Ann Mccoy, Meridith Morrison, Alice Miller, Sandy Roggenkamp, A Friend, Maria Brown, Leah Zook, Barbara Carlson, Ally Johnston, Alissa Mickelson, and 10 Anonymous donors

For becoming a new Sustaining Member:

THANK YOU Carol Ferro (Loon Level)

And since this is our first Thank You Thursday, a big THANK YOU to all our current members:

Stephen Bockhold (Defender), Janice Burns (Defender), Stanley Burns (Defender), Rebel Gustafson (Defender), Melvina Kleverova Zilliox (Defender), Karen Laumb (Defender), Joy Lehtinen (Defender), Bonnie Ranta (Defender), Liz Stanley (Defender), Michele Trautlein (Defender), Nancy Wolfe (Defender), Danielle Billington (Friend), Angela Buracker (Friend), James Degner (Friend), Kathleen (Kate) Dougherty (Friend), Harriett Fazio (Friend), Sierra Koethe (Friend), Libby Linnum (Friend), Jennifer Nyholm (Friend), Mary & Tom Thompson (Friend), Sarah Allen (Rescuer), Barbara Anderson (Rescuer), Brooke Austin (Rescuer), Donna Beaupre (Rescuer), Chad Benesh (Rescuer), Irene Berg (Rescuer), Karen K Bright (Rescuer), Mary Castellini (Rescuer), Joanne Chabot (Rescuer), Jessica Chatterton (Rescuer), Sarah Curtiss (Rescuer), Shirley De La Torre (Rescuer), Farzad Farr (Rescuer), Mohammad M & Fatemeh Farr (Rescuer), Jennifer Hansen (Rescuer), Kayla Hemmerle (Rescuer), Bill Huseth (Rescuer), Kristen Jeanetta (Rescuer), Jan Killian (Rescuer), Elizabeth Killorin (Rescuer), Heidi Nelson (Rescuer), Su Neuhauser (Rescuer), Trisha O’Keefe (Rescuer), Diane Orville (Rescuer), Eleni-Greg Otto-Arnold (Rescuer), Sarah Paro (Rescuer), Judie Sands (Rescuer), Janet Smith (Rescuer), Susan And Richard Taylor (Rescuer), Berta Lissette Urrutia (Rescuer), Michelle Valadez (Rescuer), and Mary Woodford (Rescuer).

And to all our current Sustaining Members:

Margaret Naylor (Eagle Level), Megan Stanton (Eagle Level), Rosemary Sampson (Fox Level), Nancy Anderson (Loon Level), Laurie Bailey (Loon Level), Kathy And John Bray (Loon Level), Amber Burns (Loon Level), Cynthia Butcher (Loon Level), Robyn Cartwright (Loon Level), Susan Gibbs (Loon Level), Tammy Goodale (Loon Level), Cynthia Hagley (Loon Level), Ryan Irlbeck (Loon Level), Amber Jacobson (Loon Level), Jolissa Kowalik (Loon Level), Ronald Lane (Loon Level), Renee Miller (Loon Level), Catherine Ostos (Loon Level), Linda Swanson (Loon Level), Jessica Vanbockern (Loon Level), Connie Gunderson (Wolf Level), Rebecca Lovejoy (Wolf Level), Shelley Smith (Wolf Level), Judith Torrence (Wolf Level), and Sarah Ziring (Wolf Level).

For bringing wild animals in need to us:

THANK YOU to Melanie DeGraef, Monica DcDevitt, John Warner, Anne Scott, Faith Rumquist, Trish, Claudia, Lodecia Sternberg, Desiree Gregorich, Michele Fitzgerald, Brooklyn S., Jane Fitzpatrick, Jen Maki, Carol Johnson, Jackie Berg, Joetta Snow, Shannon Borgesun, and Randy Hanzal, who have all brought in animals to us over the last week. A special thank you as well to Stone from Stone River Wildlife Control, committed to humane animal treatment, and hero to us at Wildwoods.

We would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone else who has brought animals to us over the years; there are simply too many to list here.

Without this amazing community of compassionate people,

we would not be able to do what we do. Thank you so much to all those who have donated, become members, brought in animals and to everyone else who has supported us along the way including, but not limited to, our board members, the City of Duluth, St. Louis County, our local law enforcement and DNR officers, the contractors who are working so hard to help us build our new facility, our friends and family, and so many more.