Thank You Thursday, April 27 2016

We want to thank all of our supporters so each week on Thursday if you’ve donated, become a member or brought us a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal in the last week, you’ll see your name here on our website and on our Facebook page with a huge THANK YOU! This week:

For donating to Wildwoods:

THANK YOU to Anne Gullion, Susan Smith, Jill Tanttari, Nicole Derusha, Muriel Wallgren, Chelsea Martindale, Andrea Busche, Kathleen Pettit, Nicholas Sunsdahl, Jodi Lieske, Virginia Novak, Cheryl Urie, Ashley Barone, Christine Olson, Rafael Rodriguez, and Joetta Snow as well as donors to the Medtronic Foundation, The K Foundation, Razoo Foundation, and employees of HOM Furniture.

For donating specifically to our Support Our Growth Fund:

THANK YOU to Elizabeth Hooper, Anne Scott, Becky Persgard, Karen Cheetham, Jane Fitzpatrick, Julee Borg, Tara Caine, Pamela Clifton, Jerel Christoff, Jacquelyn Harvey, Jody L Langseth, Rita O’Connel, and our friends at the Essentia Health SMMC Radiology department: Jason, Gary, Cindy, Janet, Dan, Cheryl C., Michele B., Lori H., Stacey and Nancy. Your donations have all been matched!

For becoming a Member:

THANK YOU to Elizabeth O’Brien (Wolf Level Sustaining Member), Marie Zhuikov (Friend Level Member), and Andrea Woyt (Friend Level Member)

For bringing wild animals in need to us:

THANK YOU to Rita O’Connel, Nicholas Sunsdahl, Sara Johnsen O’Brien, Lacy Miner, Teresa White, Tonya Carlson, Pamela Clifton, Nicole Derusha, Jodi Lieske, Virginia Novak, Cheryl Urie, Ashley Barone, Margaret Foster, Shannon Mccullum, Rafael Rodriguez, and Eric Ziegler

Without this amazing community of compassionate people, we would not be able to do what we do.

If we missed your name on our list this week please accept our apologies and know that you are appreciated! Without your support Wildwoods could not continue and every person who donates, becomes a member, or brings us wild animals in need is our hero.