A Friendly Reminder

Baby season is in full swing here in the Northland and we just want to take a minute to remind everyone out there that there are a few rules to follow when you find a wild animal that may need help.

  1. Don’t panic. Call us at 218-491-3604 immediately. If we don’t pick up, leave a message and check out our handy “Does this animal need help?” page.
  2. Do not give any food or water to the animal unless you have called us and we have given you specific guidance. Doing so can result in the animal’s death, and will, at the very least, prevent us from being able to correctly assess the animal’s condition.
  3. Do not trust internet resources that tell you how to care for wild animals.
  4. Move the animal only if it’s in immediate danger (middle of the road), or remove the danger instead (kids, pets, etc.)
  5. The mother will not reject the baby if she smells your scent. This is a myth. Quickly put the animal back.
  6. Do not try to raise the animal on your own. Not only is it illegal, but you cannot find the tools and resources you will need for a wild animal in any retail store. Plus, wild animals make terrible pets and by the time they have ripped up your furniture, bitten you and others, and generally wreaked havoc in your life, it will be too late to release them back into the wild; they will not survive.

Baby animals do not take long to grow up. Consider keeping your dog leashed, or very closely supervised, and your cats inside for the next several weeks to keep them from harming a nest. It won’t take long, and the growing babies in your area will appreciate it.

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