Baby Herring Gull Needs Foster Family

Baby Herring Gull
This Herring Gull needs a foster gull family

We are looking for herring gulls (the big local gulls) nesting on a local (Duluth, MN), accessible roof. Do you know of any? Call us!

Remember our little gull? He went to WRC to be with another gull chick, but it turns out that they are different species, so that won’t work.

In the meantime, all our calling around to seabird rehabbers on the coasts finally bore fruit–one confirmed that we CAN foster out gull chicks (we didn’t want to try this without confirming with someone who does a lot of gull rehab, or we could end up with a dead chick).

So, we’re looking for a foster herring gull family for this little guy. Can you help? Call us at 218-491-3604. Please “share”, and thanks!