Thank You Thursday, August 18 2016

Thank You Thursday took a bit of a break last week and we apologize for the delay. Last Thursday Swim Creative celebrated their 10th birthday by collecting donations at their Cannon Ball birthday party! Thanks to Swim for their amazing support and for inviting us to their SUPER fun birthday bash!

Thanks to everyone who has helped us out the last two weeks:

For donating to Wildwoods:

Up to $25 Up to $50 Up to $100 Up to $500
Laurie Larson
Ray Anderson
Susan York
Jenny Holmlund
Zoey Hougas
Mary Mihevc
Deb Peterson
Nancy Peterson
Arne Vainio
Sarah Ziring
Kyle Pederson
Claire Wasmund
Julie Ahasay
Angela Shorein
Kristen Gregerson
Meg Gilbertson
John Hiller
Janell Kohls
Shelley Smith
Susan Smith
Jon Vice
Sally Grames
Lisa Flanary (In Honor of Mary Anderson)
Stephanie Graves
 Laurie Laqualia
Tom & Mary Duff
Gretchen Cash (In Honor of Sam Phillips who asked for donations for Wildwoods on his 11th birthday)
Amy Susag-Maynard

For donating to our Support Our Growth Fund:

Up to $50 Loon Level ($100+)
Enger Hills, LLC Cheryl Bradley
Steve Harmer
Lake Superior Storage, LLC

For starting a new membership:

Sustaining Memberships
Fox Level ($15/month) Wolf Level ($20/month)
Jessica Deangelo Kyle Pederson

Last but not least…

THANK YOU to everyone who has brought in animals over the last week. We simply do not have the resources to pick up all the animals we receive calls about, and so we rely on the community to bring the animals to us. We are so appreciative of the time and effort you put in to partner with us in saving these wild animals.

Without this amazing community of compassionate people, we would not be able to do what we do.

If we missed your name on our list this week please accept our apologies and know that you are appreciated! Without your support Wildwoods could not continue and every person who donates, becomes a member, or brings us wild animals in need is our hero.