Fawn Gets a Second Chance

a Fawn in need of rescue
Dawn was doing yard work and heard some crying off in the distance. She assumed the sound was an upset neighborhood child, but after a couple of hours she decided to investigate.

Injured fawn
This fawn’ foot was “knuckling under” – a condition caused by her initial injury

She discovered a small fawn who had gotten her leg trapped between two sapling trees. Dawn was able to free the fawn and she and her family brought the it to us. We found she had a severely sprained right leg and after a little cage rest, pain medication and anti-inflamatories she started walking again! Unfortunately, when she did walk, she would ‘knuckle’ (think of walking like a gorilla).

Fawn with a leg splint
Her new splint will help her leg heal properly

We had to correct the position of that joint or the damage would be permanent. We made a splint for her and she immediately started walking without a limp! It was exciting to see that little fawn walk for the first time since getting stuck in those trees. After a few more months of care, the fawn was released with a herd of other orphaned and previously injured fawns into the wild.