I absolutely LOVE animals and am very passionate about helping them. I have decided to both volunteer and be a monthly contributor to such a wonderful organization. Thank you for what you all do!

Elizabeth O’Brien

I am very passionate about wildlife and I love that you try to save the injured — thank you!!!!

Charmaine Holtz

I’ve brought some wild critters to you in the past, and I’m so appreciative that we have a local place that takes care of our injured and orphaned wild animals.

JoLissa Kowalik

I am so grateful that there are people and organizations that dedicate their lives to honoring the wild! Thank you and your big hearts ❤

Mindy Bichel

I am super proud of you and very grateful. Thank you for helping our hurting animals.

Patrice Bradley

I have a family member who works there and truly believe you all make an important difference in our world. Me and my husband know this money is going to a good cause.


You save so many animals while educating as well.

Megan Duke

I so enjoy knowing you are helping our MN. animal friends. Thanks for all you do

Ann Mccoy

We’re so grateful for all you do for our beloved critters. It’s comforting to know, if we ever need help, you are there!

Shelley Youso

The work you do is invaluable

Lyle Hofstedt

I love your passion for animals and your philosophy on their care. They need our help as many of their injuries are the direct or indirect result of human involvement in their world. I have called you a few times for injured animals and have always been given great advice (bird who flew into a … More Jackie & Bill Dolentz

Jackie & Bill Dolentz