Save the Foxes

The end of 2016 has brought an outbreak of mange among our local foxes, particularly focused around the Park Point neighborhood in Duluth. Red foxes are particularly susceptible to mange, a parasitic infestation that causes hair loss, intense discomfort, and leads to many secondary issues that will cause death if left untreated. We need a 1,200 … More Save the Foxes


A constant presence At Wildwoods pigeons are constant companions, seeming to need rescuing all year long. As I write this we have several pigeons ranging in age from nestling to adult and most of them are with us as a result of human ignorance or cruelty. Over the past few months we’ve had pigeons with bullet holes … More Pigeons

Hummingbird’s Dinner

This hummingbird was brought to us by the McGovern family who found it in their yard, unable to fly. If you look closely you can see it’s little tongue flick in and out as it eats specially formulated nectar to help it get back on it’s feet, er, wings.

Great Blue Heron

When this juvenile Great Blue Heron came in he was skinny and too weak to stand. After fluids and a tube feeding of an easy-to-digest diet made for fish-eating birds, he looked much better. It will still be touch and go with him for a while. However, he is off to a good start! Staff … More Great Blue Heron

The Eastern Gray Squirrel

Eastern grays are ubiquitous in Minnesota. They are everywhere and are one of the few species that thrive in the midst of urban sprawl. For some people squirrels are seen as pests, running around inside the walls of their house and stealing bird seed out of feeders. For others they are seen as cute, bouncy, fun-to-watch … More The Eastern Gray Squirrel