I Found a Baby Bunny!

Rabbits make nests in small indentations in the ground. Mothers only return to the nest to feed their young at dawn and dusk, so are rarely seen. If you come across a bunny nest, leave it alone. If the nest has been disturbed, do your best to place all materials back in the nest and set the baby bunnies back inside it.

To determine whether the mother returns to feed her babies, place two pieces of string in an X pattern over the nest. The next day, if the X has been disturbed, the mother rabbit has returned. If not, the babies may be orphaned and will need a rehabilitator’s care. Bunnies leave their nest at between 3-4 weeks of age.

If you find a baby bunny outside of its nest, look carefully at its appearance. If its eyes are open, its ears are up, and it is fully furred with fur that is fluffy, the bunny is old enough to take care of itself.

Any bunny or other wild animal who has been in the mouth of a cat should be brought immediately to a wildlife rehabilitator for medical care, even if you do not see an injury. Cats’ mouths have bacteria that kill wild animals within a day or two if they do not receive prompt medical attention.

Watch a slideshow about baby bunnies.