Building Habitat, One Yard at a time.

Even in the most urban settings, wildlife surrounds us. Though some species thrive in urban or suburban landscapes, they represent only a fraction of diversity that existed before the area was developed. When it comes to the health of the natural world, diversity is key, and naturescaping is a way to help wildlife while also increasing the species diversity on your property.

Naturescaping involves planting native plants and installing wildlife-friendly landscape features that provide shelter, food, and water for a variety of species. Instead of providing supplemental food like a bird feeder, naturescaping provides animals with much-needed natural habitat.


Keep in mind…

When naturescaping, you will need to do some work ahead of time to reduce and prevent conflicts with any wildlife you attract to your property. This might include repairing any openings to your basement, attic, or under roof eaves to prevent animals from moving into your house. Information on avoiding and/or mitigating conflicts with different animals can be found on the DNR’s website here.

Here are some resources to help you get started: