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Memberships provide Wildwoods with a reliable source of income so we can keep the lights on and take care of the animals admitted to our facility.

Annual memberships are available for $25, $50 and $100, or you can become a Sustaining Member with an automatic monthly donation of $10, $15, $20 or $50.

Membership Benefits

Receive a Wildwoods exclusive tote bag when you become a sustaining memberMembers receive recognition on our website, Facebook page, and e-Newsletter. They also enjoy the satisfaction that comes with supporting an organization they believe in. Additionally, new sustaining members will have the option to receive a free re-usable, eco-friendly tote bag while supplies last.


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Sustaining Members

Loon Level
Fox Level
Wolf Level
Eagle Level
Amber Burns
Catherine Ostos
Cynthia Butcher
Cynthia Hagley
Farzad Farr
Kathy And John Bray
Nancy Anderson
Ryan Irlbeck
Brooke Austin
Jan Killian
Jolissa Kowalik
Laurie Bailey
Maryann Johnson
Ronald Lane
Jennifer Skogstad
Jessica Deangelo
Megan Stanton
Michael Larson
Connie Gunderson
Diane Orville
Judith Torrence
Sarah Ziring
Charmaine Holtz
Deborah Brander
Grace Glick
Kyle Pederson
Shelley Smith
Farzad Farr

Annual Members

Danielle Billington
Mary & Tom Thompson
Andrea Woyt
Cassandra Dinehart
Debra Templer
Harriett Fazio
Heidi Nelson
Libby Linnum
Lyle Hofstedt
Marie Zhuikov
Su Neuhauser
Trisha O’Keefe
Sierra Koethe
Donna Beaupre
Elizabeth Killorin
Kayla Hemmerle
Mary Castellini
Bill Huseth
Chad Benesh
Irene Berg
Kathy Croke
Kathy Emery
Robin Annala
Sarah Paro
Eleni-Greg Otto-Arnold
Joy & Ken Lehtinen
Liz Stanley
Barbara Backlund
Bonnie Ranta
Jennifer Hansen
Joanne Chabot
Karen Laumb