Wildwoods Donation Leaderboard

We want to say a special thank you to those who have gone above and beyond with donations, so we’ve created the Wildwoods Rockstar Leaderboards. You’ll find your name here if you:

  1. Have donated in the past 365 days and
  2. Have not donated anonymously and
  3. Your lifetime total donations to Wildwoods are more than $1,000

Organizations and Individuals are listed separately and our list is updated monthly. Thanks so much for supporting us!

Individual Rockstars Organization Rockstars
$5,000 David & Christina A.
$2,500 Erica & Ben E.
$2,460 Judith & Mary Anne T.
$1,500 Shahbaz T.
$1,450 Rene L.
$1,250 Barbara P.
$1,250 Mohammad F.
$1,107 Mark B.
$1,000 Becky U.
$1,000 Debra C.
$1,000 Natalie K.
$1,000 Patrice B.
$1,000 Robert M.
$1,500 South Pier Inn
$1,323 Swim Creative
$1,000 Arola Architecture