Volunteering is a rewarding but challenging experience. Successful volunteers are those who understand that the welfare of the animal comes first, and that the best reward for their time and efforts is knowing that the animal has been given its best chance at rehabilitation.

Wildlife rehabilitation is seasonal – we’re busiest in the spring when babies are being born, in the summer when juveniles are growing up and testing their boundaries, and in the early fall when migration begins and animals are out gathering as much food as they can to sustain themselves through winter. For volunteers, that means we will begin calling on you around mid- to late-May and you will probably end your season with us around early- to mid-October. Those who apply late in the season or over the winter will not be called on until the following spring.

There are four steps to begin volunteering with Wildwoods:

  1. Read volunteer position descriptions to find a good fit for you
  2. Attend an Orientation OR view the Online Orientation video
  3. Complete an Application and sign a Release
  4. Participate in Continuing Education