Data Entry

If you love what we do but aren’t sure about handling wild animals, you can still volunteer and provide a very valuable service. There is a lot of data and record keeping involved with wildlife rehabilitation but sometimes, especially during the busy summer months, it’s tough to keep up and it consumes a large amount of the staff’s time.

We need detail-oriented people who are comfortable with computers and programs like Microsoft Excel to record data about our patients. Some of this may be done at home but we may ask you to be on-site for some things.


Required: An up-to-date tetanus vaccination is required for all staff and volunteers.


  • Precisely and accurately record data as directed by staff
  • Maintain confidentiality with any information given to you


  • Follow policies and procedures.
  • Maintain a quiet and calm demeanor around wildlife, keeping handling, talking, and loud noises to a minimum.
  • Communicate any schedule changes with the appropriate supervisor.
  • Professionally address any concerns with a staff member.
  • Maintain a positive and respectful attitude.
  • Follow proper sanitation procedures.


  • Be willing to consistently commit at least 2 hours of volunteer time a week for the season.
  • Willingness to do repetitive tasks
  • Detail-oriented
  • Proof of tetanus vaccination within last 10 years is required.


To apply to be a volunteer:

  1. Attend an Orientation OR view the Online Orientation video
  2. Complete an Application and sign a Release
  3. Chose the area(s) you would like to volunteer
  4. Participate in Continuing Education